And some more...

ARDS - Dr Adam Lowe

Airway issues in pregnant patient - Dr Ciara Armstrong

Aortic stenosis and aortic valve replacement (AVR) - Dr Danielle McGivern

Upper respiratory tract infection in paediatric daycase - Dr Blayne McCann

Carotid endarterectomy - Dr Jonathan Little

Nissen fundoplication - Dr Megan Lennox

Drowning - Dr Sarah McNichol

Intrathecal opioids - Dr Jonny Guy PENDING

Non-accidental injury - Dr Adam Lowe PENDING

Status epilepticus - Dr Jonathan Little PENDING

Stereotactic brain biopsy - Dr Ciara Crail PENDING

Anaesthesia and prematurity - Dr Ciara Crail PENDING

New set of SAQs uploaded

Happy New Year…

Lots of SAQs uploaded from last few months - let me know if you have submitted a question and you don't see it, it may have been overlooked.

CT transfer - Dr Jacqueline Malouf

Limb tourniquets - Dr Blayne McCann

Atrial fibrillation - Dr Danielle McGivern

Low flow anaesthesia and the anaesthetic machine - Dr Danielle McGivern

Thoraco-abdominal oesophagectomy - Dr Barry Campbell

Local anaesthetic toxicity - Dr Jonathan Little

Electrical hazards - Dr Ciara Crail

Rhabdomyolysis - Dr Megan Lennox

Intraoperative cell salvage - Dr Adam Lowe

Anaphylaxis - Dr Ciara Armstrong

Adrenal Physiology and steroids - Dr Roy Hiles

Thoracic anaesthesia - Dr Shona Chan

Elderly and cardiovascular co-morbidities - Dr Jonathan Dawson

The paediatric airway - Dr Jon Eady

Cross infection and theatre equipment - Dr Maureen Sweeney

Cerebrospinal fluid - Dr Jonathan McCarter

Magnetic resonance imaging - Dr Catherine Poots

Antiplatelet drugs - Dr Adam Lowe

Capnography - Dr Jonny Little

The coeliac plexus - Dr Ciara Armstrong

Awareness - Dr Sarah McNicol

Gynae oncology - Dr Jonny Guy

Perioperative haemorrhage - Dr Blayne McCann

Oxygen therapy and toxicity - Dr Jacqueline Malouf

Ultrasound and Doppler effect - Dr ?

Airway trauma - Dr Ciara Crail

Major haemorrhage - Dr Mike Jamison

Lower back pain - Dr Sarah McNichol

Mitral stenosis and pregnancy - Dr Barry Campbell

Testing spinal block in obstetrics - Dr Maureen Sweeney

Complex analgesic requirements - Dr Adam Glass

Perioperative management of diabetes and tympanoplasty - Dr Jon Eady

Orbital blocks - Dr Ariij Booley

Fat embolism syndrome - Dr Roy Hiles

Nutrition post gastrointestinal surgery - Dr Jonathan McCarter

Paediatric stridor - Dr Catherine Poots

Brainstem death and physiological change - Dr Jonathan Dawson

Regional anaesthesia for shoulder surgery - Dr Shona Chan

Management of pre-eclampsia - Dr Jonathan McCarter

First round of questions '17 uploaded

First set of SAQs uploaded. Let me know if any details are not correct.

Paediatric anaesthesia and day case dental surgery - Dr Maureen Sweeney

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and temperature control - Dr Adam Glass

Pain - definitions - Dr Catherine Poots

Neuroanaesthesia and posterior fossa craniotomy - Dr Philip Anderson

Critical incident - intra-arterial injection - Dr Jon Eady

Airway - NAP4 - Dr Ariij Booley

Cataract surgery and local anaesthesia - Dr AN Other

Preoperative anaemia - Dr Ciara Armstrong

Burns - inhalational injury - Dr Daniel McGivern

Fractured neck of femur and fascia iliaca block - Dr Jonny Guy

Post dural puncture headache - Dr Megan Lennox

Persistent postoperative pain - Dr Mike Jamison

PONV - Dr Blayne McCann

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