September 2015

You are asked to sedate a frightened adult patient for insertion of dental implants in an outpatient dental chair.
  • a)  Complete the table in your answer booklet with the four levels of sedation in the American Society of
    Anesthesiologists (ASA) continuum of sedation (top row) and the clinical features seen at each level
    (columns below). (8 marks)
  • b)  Outline drugs that may be used and their methods of administration, when providing sedation for this
    patient. (4 marks)
  • c)  What are the best practice principles for providing safe sedation to this patient? (8 marks)
Dental Sedation Pass rate 62.1% This is an important topic and was generally well answered despite some confusion caused by the inclusion of a table that required completion. It had the highest pass rate of all the questions.